Dave Grohl Fears Social Anxiety will Ruin Emmys

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at 2017.03.07
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Dave Grohl fears social anxiety will ruin Emmys

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The rocker’s Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways documentary collection is up for four awards in the Emmys and David Eric Grohl is place to to go to the glitzy bash in La, but the Everlong vocalist confesses he’s fearing the service.

He tells Goldderby, “I’m the new child at college right now.. I do I don’t understand things to anticipate… and n’t understand anybody; I don’t understand lots of the folks…; I’ll likely only sit down, with my back-up from the wall, waiting to see who’s likely to need to speak in my experience, and only nervous.

I’ve a little anxiety. It might…; look tough to picture, but in chambers like this, I sort of clam up…; That I know everyone there, and I am talking about get me at the king Grammys, and I’ve got a bottle of whisky in my own hands the entire time, but we’ll see what occurs …

The 67th Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards will happen in L.A. on September 12, 2015.



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