By Combining Animals And People, This Photographer Created Something Genius

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at 2015.09.17
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Quebec-based photographer Ulric Collette recently produced contemporary mythological creatures for his series Therianthropes. The singer combined person figures with animal minds in order to make interesting crossbreed portraits. The resulting photos are portraits that be seemingly more info on the personality qualities associated with the topics in place of simple photos of their appearances.

Probably the most striking aspect about these photos is just how well-suited the pet minds appear to their particular personal figures with regards to both appearance and body language. Even minus the main signal of human identity (a face), these images appear to be bursting with personality and personality.

Collette, but says which they had been created primarily for aesthetic price, and that there”s no real much deeper fundamental meaning in it. That”s perfectly fine, as the viewer can make their definition if they choose.

(via My Modern Met)

You can see a lot more of Collette”s work, including some NSFW photos from this show, on their web site. You can also purchase prints of this work right here.

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