At First, Everyone Was Embarrassed. Then This Klutzy Dad Turned It All Around

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at 2015.11.07
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We”ve all had embarrassing moments in our lives that we would rather forget. These awful times are often the source of our greatest insecurities and fears. Luckily, we usually don”t have to ever relive our embarrassing moments.

For this man”s Britain”s Got Talent audition, he chose to relive his biggest mishap ever in front of a live audience. The judges and the audience were worried for him, but he luckily turned it all around to give one of the greatest performances in the show”s history.

(via Britain”s Got Talent)

This man is no ordinary performer. The stunts involved in a performance like his are dangerous, and he executes them to perfection. I only wish Vladimir luck on his quest to be named Britain”s most talented performer.

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