An Artist Creates These Amazing Images By Using A Knife And A Steady Hand

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at 2015.10.19
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It wouldn”t be difficult to imagine that the detailed, graphic artwork of French artist Aurel Rubbish is created with countless careful pen strokes. In reality, it”s even more impressive than that: Each piece and all of the tiny details it includes, are actually cut meticulously out of paper. With a background in street art and electronic music, Rubbish (which is an alias, obviously) wanted to expand his artistic horizons and got into paper-cutting.

The pieces range in size from small enough to fit in a pocket to several meters high, and are all created by hand by Rubbish using a knife and glue, as well as gold leaf for embellishment. His knack for using everyday materials in new ways was honed by his years as a street artist, and and his affinity for cut paper art came after he realized that the stencils he used to tag things were often more interesting to him than the results. Today, his work is found in both high-end galleries as well as pasted onto the walls of abandoned buildings in Paris.

Applying a piece to a wall. The process is meticulous and the results are ultimately temporary.

Gold leaf is sometimes applied to the paper for added embellishment.

Sometimes differently colored paper is layered to create an even more complex design.

Smaller pieces can be found is Moleskine books.

Another application onto a wall. Even with all this care, the paper will deteriorate eventually, making the piece only temporary.

At work.

Rubbish”s larger-scale work in a public place.

Based in Besancon, France, Rubbish draws his inspiration from a variety of art movements, including American Pop Surrealism and Art Nouveau, as well as street and tattoo art, religious iconography and literature.

You can check out more of his work on his website, as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

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