A Psychedelic, Interactive Light Show Floods A Medieval Castle In Italy

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at 2015.09.18
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There”s one thing about mashing up the old in addition to brand-new that’s thrilling. Seeing some thing ancient close to anything modern-day is interesting because it enables you to contemplate all of the many years and all sorts of the folks which have led that where you are. (or that”s simply me personally?) anyhow, irrespective your thinking on the juxtaposition of old and brand new, this art installation in south eastern Italy is pretty striking.

Thirteenth-century Castel del Monte features an octagonal inside courtyard. Whenever French musician Miguel Chevalier saw it, he understood it absolutely was the most wonderful area for a psychedelic interactive light tv show called secret Carpets 2014. The lights, that are projected on the floor from overhead, answer the motions of site visitors, generating an ever-changing “carpeting” of colors and shapes. It”s followed closely by music my Jacopo Baboni Schilingi.

The shapes can be fluidly organic…

…or patterns of pixels.

In any event, it”s breathtaking.

Either means, it

The kinds range between square pixels to fluid, natural forms, often both promising at the same time. Chevalier views this combination as symbolic of this conference for the synthetic and natural globes, the Earthly as well as the celestial. “Everything all comes together, comes apart, and alters form at top speed,” he states.

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