A Hidden Place In The Alps May Be One Of The Most Beautiful Places On Earth

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If you”re looking for a lovely place on Earth that”s beyond breathtaking, you will find it in Lauterbrunnen. The small town in the Swiss Alps is nestled in a U-shaped glacial valley, measuring only about a kilometer wide.

“Lauterbrunnen” means “many springs,” and it”s quite an apt name. Vertical cliff faces and mountain peaks rise into the sky on all sides of the town. The village of Lauterbrunnen is bordered on three sides by the Jungfrau, Monch, and Eiger Mountains. Some 72 waterfalls stream out onto the lush ground below the town”s exquisite cliff faces. It”s truly a sight to behold.

The largest of these waterfalls is the Staubbach Falls, a 300 meter single stream, making it the largest unbroken waterfall in Europe. Another impressive site is the Trummelbach Falls, which were hidden behind a rock face for centuries until a tunnel carved into the mountain allowed people to take a peek. Today, you can take an underground funicular to see this 200 meter waterfall hidden inside a mountain.

Even if you”re stuck at home or in the office, take a minute to soak in some of these incredible images. Think of it as a mini-getaway!

Even if you

As you can imagine, this stunning location has inspired artists for years. Poet Johann Goethe wrote “Song of the Spirit of the Waterfalls” after visiting Lauterbrunnen, which was later set to music by Franz Schubert. It was also one of the influences for the Misty Mountains of J.R.R. Tolkien”s The Hobbit.

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Lauterbrunnen and its surrounding valley were named UNESCO heritage sites in 2001. The town features year-round hiking, hotels, and sightseeing. Naturally, there”s plenty of skiing and tobogganing available in the winter. Regardless of the time of year, there”s always something to do and a beautiful view to behold in this picturesque town.

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