14 Dangerous Toys From The Past That No One Should Ever Give To Their Child

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at 2015.11.11
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Children’s toys are supposed to be fun, entertaining, and, most importantly, safe. Maintaining a child’s well-being is perhaps the most important part of toy design, and it must not get overlooked. Otherwise, lawsuits will be filed against the companies who create dangerous toys.

Yet back in the day, there were toys that overlooked danger and focused solely on the entertainment value. While these toys were fun for a while, it’s now hard to imagine a world where someone would think these toys were safe.

Head Shrinker Kit


This toy was created to feed into a child’s desire to shrink heads? I actually don’t know any kids who would want to do that. Anyway, this toy kit from the 1960s included all kinds of toxic chemicals and plastics that would supposedly “shrink heads.” What an odd toy to give to a child.

The Air Blaster


In 1965, Wham-O introduced a toy called the Air Blaster. Soon after its release, the Air Blaster was pulled from the shelves. Why, you ask? Well, kids would blast their friend’s ears with the toy and cause permanent hearing damage, since you could put just about any object in the blaster and fire away.

Super Elastic Bubble Plastic


This tube of “fun” was created to give kids the joy of blowing bubbles that were more durable than regular bubbles, but less durable than balloons. You would squeeze a glob of the goo in the tube into your hand, roll it into a ball, blow into that ball with a straw, and it would become a beautiful bubble. Problem is, the goo was highly poisonous if kids accidentally inhaled it, which they did.

CSI Lab Kit


This toy seems innocent enough, but the fingerprint dust contained traces of asbestos. Maybe they should have had a CSI investigate this toy before they released it!

The Wheelie Bar


These kids doing wheelies look like they are having a ton of fun…until they fall over and crack their heads, as helmets weren’t readily available in the 1960s. This toy might not have been so bad if it included some protective gear.

Sky Dancers


This toy used a propeller to allow dolls to fly around a room. Problem is, they would fly erratically sometimes, hitting kids in the face and eyes and cause serious injuries.

Creepy Crawlers Thing-Maker


This highly dangerous toy from the 1960s included potentially toxic fumes and a hot plate that needed to be turned up to 300 degrees to function properly. Yes, this is a great idea for children.

Johnny Seven Toy


This toy was basically a plastic gun. It had three separate bullet modes: pistol bullets, armor-piercing bullets, and rocket launcher. Kids were shooting these at each other and getting injured in the process.

Easy-Bake Ovens


What’s the harm in little girls creating delicious snacks to eat for themselves and their friends? Well, there was the bulb that heated the recipes. It would get extremely hot, and if anyone touched it (and people did), it would lead to serious burns and often larger fires.

Slip’N Slide Water Wiggle


This little guy was meant to be an accessory to the famous Slip’N Slide, but it became a potentially lethal weapon if the hose it was attached to was turned on at full blast. It would “wiggle” more and more erratically due to the water pressure, hitting many children in the face, knocking out teeth, and causing nasty bumps and bruises. If it somehow wrapped around a kid, it would constrict like a deadly snake.

Slip’N Slide


This famous summer toy survived the test of time despite being incredibly dangerous. If the surface of the tarp isn’t wet enough, you could basically just be jumping onto the very hard ground, and if you slide too far, you could really injure yourself depending on where the slide ends.

Moon Shoes


Moon shoes let kids get a little extra bounce in their jump, and it made them feel like they were on the moon. But if a kid didn’t land properly, it could lead to a broken ankle…and it led to many broken ankles in its heyday.

The Swing Wing


This toy looks innocent enough…until you realize that whipping your head around so much and so fast can cause major neck and spinal problems.

The Sixfinger Toy


Another toy that was essentially a gun, if you aimed and fired this bad boy at any sensitive areas (read: eyes), it could really harm a person. And even if you shot it at less sensitive areas, it still packed a punch.

Thank goodness for modern regulations and smart toy makers. If we didn’t have today’s toy making standards, who knows what kids would be playing with?

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